Fruit for Thought about Your School Board

The school board is like an apple tree.  The fruit it bears feeds the achievements of our students, administration, faculty, staff, and the community as a whole.  A tree that is healthy, mature, and productive, with all of its branches working toward producing fruit, yields the most bountiful baskets, and the community benefits.

Healthy boards are respectful, engaged, participate in wholesome debate, encourage community involvement, honor consensus, promote transparency, and respect confidentiality.  Sweet apples!

Mature boards are comprised of sufficient members (branches) experienced in educational governance.  Considering it typically takes a full year for a new member, inexperienced in public governance, to come up to speed with all the government mandates, confidentiality restrictions, school policies, committee work, and history, there is a critical balance between maintaining experienced branches and growing new ones.

Productive boards have everyone working in the same direction, for a common set of goals that is best for our students and the community.  Not for one issue, and not for any personal agendas.  The responsibility for individual board members is to present an organized case for an initiative, not to overshadow the other branches of the tree, and not to grow lemons.  

So, to our constituents, we believe that the most effective, efficient, and ethical board is achieved through their maintenance of the apple tree: re-electing the mature productive branches, pruning non-productive branches, and filling vacancies by electing new branches with the best potential to produce fruit.

This year’s election has six our our nine branches in consideration for maintenance on the Owen J. Roberts apple tree.